Of Scope and Purpose Print
Written by ArcDragon   
Saturday, 13 March 2010 09:06

•  The purpose of this guide is to take players who know little or nothing about Wormholes (also referred to as W-spaces and holes) or POS setup and defense to the point of being able to select, move in and stay in their Wspace.

• Wormhole tactics will also be covered and will include information on how to take advantage of your island among the stars. It will not cover full explanations on how the game mechanics allow or will not allow certain things to happen as that would make the guide too vague or bloated to be useful.

• It is not the intent of this guide to explain all the details about the numerous menus and submenus of POSs themselves but rather the strengths and weaknesses of various POS modules and why they work or do not work for wormholes.

• This guide will work for any wormhole class, but it is generally written for a Class 4 Wspace or higher. There is always more than one way to skin a cat with Eve, but if you follow this guide to the letter your chances of success are about as good as it can be with any class of wormhole.

• There are also multiple ways to colonize a wormhole. This guide will cover both transient and long term stays as well as raiding setups.

• The majority of this guide is from my own experience from running a wormhole-based corporation in a Class 5 (Fusion Industries and The Hole Patrol).

• As with all Eve guides and advice, feel free to ignore what you want at your own peril.

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